Fashion Sense was created to give stylish products at a great price.

To truly sum it all up in a nutshell, I am just a simple Country Girl from Ferris, TX with a Genuine Love for helping others.

That is exactly what Fashion Sense by Doll is all about.  We simply want to “Help” others make Fashion Sense all while maintaining your budget. Just because you look like a million bucks when you wear items from our store, you won’t have to pay that price.  Let us help you make “Fashion Sense” today.

“God First, Family Second, and Business will make room for itself.”

~ Darlene Gardner

The goal in life for me is not about how much I can gain, it’s about how much I can give.  I have a genuine heart for helping people.  This website helps me to fulfill that mission.  When I was a baby, my father took one look at me, and said that I looked like a little “Dollbaby”  The nickname Doll has followed me my entire life.  My hope is that, through this website, I can help someone purchase items that make them feel like a “Doll”.

– Darlene Gardner